Taxi scams in Vietnam

Taxi is a common transportation in Vietnam with reasonable rates. However like other countries taxi scams in Vietnam is also a big problem for all expat. Normally, the largest and most reliable taxi companies like Mai Linh, Vinasun and more have meters that start automatically after the car move about 5 m. Always choose your taxi carefully, because scams are everywhere, targeting especially foreign tourists

Check taxi meter

Whenever you enter a cab, make sure the meter is on and taxi fares are reasonable.

Research Routes and Fares

Before you trip you definitely check your routes and common fares in Vietnam and write it down. This is the best way to avoid any problems with taxi scams.

Spot taxi scams

It is easily to realize taxi scam; you can look at some signals like a particular uniform, or name of taxi companies, or license of the drivers. Don’t trust a drivers if they don’t show their license.

Bring a pencil and camera

If you don’t believe any taxi drivers, just write down or take a photo with taxi license member. This is a great evidence to back up your claim to the police.

Moreover, with a pencil and small piece of paper, you can show driver where exactly you want to come and how much you have to pay.

Carry small bank notes

You are advised to use the local currency as Vietnam Dong. This is the best way to help you avoid exchange problems and protect yourself from taxi scams. Sometimes, drivers will announce that he has no change or give you wrong money change.

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