The 5 natural wonders of Phu Yen – Binh Dinh

Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh is located on the way to the Central Heritage sites which considered as "paradise" of Vietnam sea tourism, Binh Dinh is the destination of many tourists who love the beauty of nature, want to discover new lands. These are some terrific destinations where visitors can enjoy.

Mossy beach Xom Ro

It is about 30 kilometers to the North of Tuy Hoa City. Its area is about 20 square kilometers. This is the hybrid cohabitation between moss and sea defenses. This is an ideal place for taking photos at sunrise.

Photo: Duong Thanh Xuan

Dong Cam Dam

Located to the West of Phu Hoa district, with 688 long meters including 2500 large and small rocky cubes. Dong Cam has a high specific aesthetic and technically value. Dams have economic significance, history combined with the beautiful scenery, unique architecture.

Photo: Bui Quang Vinh

Vung Ro Bay

Vung Ro is an inlet in Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa District, Binh Dinh Province, situated on the edge of Deo Ca Mountain. Bay is also the natural border in the sea between Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen. Seeing from the top to the East, visitors will be fascinated by the green water and moutain.

Photo: Van Tuan/zing

Van Hoa Plateau

Van Hoa Plateau is in Van Hoa. Located at 400m high with sunny, wind and fog. The most interesting thing about this place is in the autumn, the weather is always lower than the weather in Tuy Hoa. In the morning, you will see the fog. This place is considered as the second Dalat.

 Ghenh Da Dia

Ghenh Da Dia is Vietnam's smaller version of Ireland's Giant's Causeway with hundreds of columns and plates rising up like a staircase. Visitors can easily find a place for pictures void of the sea of humans that crowd it.


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