The best dishes Central Highlands Region

Don’t like other big and modern cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang or Hanoi. Central Highland is well-known by the beauty of natural and mountain, by friendly and helpful local people and by delicious local dishes.

Goi La- Leaves salad

This dish is a traditional salad from more than 40 types of leaves, many are familiar, and some are rare and hidden deep in the jungle of the Highlands. These leaves are eaten with roasted shrimp or boiled pork, with some other local ingredients.

To eat this dish, you just need to roll leaves or herbs into the shape of a funnel and mix with pork, shrimp and pork skin slices inside and used with local sauce which made from the local’s wine, cooking oil, and eggs

Ruu Can- Tube Wine

Tube wine is a drink in Tay Nguyen and typically drunk for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, or harvest feasts, Ruou Can is made by the gods from all kind of Central highland materials like rice, corn. And It is made of cooked glutinous rice mixed with several kinds of herbs (including leaves and roots) in the local forests.

Com Lam- Rice in bamboo tube

 Com lam is a rice dish found in the Central Highlands. It originated when mountain people would prepare for long journeys by pressing wet rice with added salt, into bamboo tubes, and cooking. You can eat Com Lam with some chicken, grilled pork, and sesame

Asparagus – Măng le

This dish is really important in daily lives of Central Highlands Region. With Mang le, the local people can cook in many ways and the use of the dried, sweet, and soft asparagus is to cook with pork or duck, or to cook with vermicelli.

Bitter tiny eggplants – Cà đắng

Ca Dang is small and has a color green, and it is very bitter. You can either eat it raw or cook, each has a unique flavor. It is perfect to eat with sesame or with meat. And the best ways of cooking the eggplants, such as roasted with shrimps, or with frogs.

Don Village grilled chicken

This is really a famous cuisine of the Central Highlands and is one of the best 50 dishes in Vietnam. Chickens are embalmed with salt, chili, and citronella and honey before they are clipped by bamboo sticks to roast on charcoal. Roasted chicken is served with pepper or citronella salt and com lam.

Deer meet

This is a specialty of the Central Highlands, mainly in Dak Lak province. There are a lot of cuisines processed from deer meat, but the most popular is dried meat

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