The best dishes in Ninh Thuan

Mention to Ninh Thuan, visitors will think about a land of sun and wind with beautiful beaches, with endless sand dune and the mystery of Cham pa culture. But you don’t know that Ninh Thuan gastronomy is quite famous with the harmony combination flavor of sea, sand and wind.

Com ga- Chicken rice Ninh Chu

Chicken rice Ninh Chu is quite special with tough, solid meat and unique fish sauce (garlic and chili). And when eating chicken rice in Ninh Thuan you can feel free to use you hand to shred the meat and dip it into the sauce.

Where to eat chicken rice:

  • Chicken rice restaurant Ngọc: at Trần Bình Trọng street.
  • Or Khánh Kỳ: No 61 Trần Quang Diệu

Banh Can - Shrimp cake

It really is a big mistake if you don’t try appetizing shrimp cake with sour and spicy flavor that will make you memorable forever.

It is cooked by rice flour mixed with sticky rice flour and then baked on a round and small mold. And after that dipping cake into the oil grass onion and enjoy the tasty sweet shrimp cake.

The shrimp cakes usually eat with peanut sauce, vinegar sauce, or fish broth

Thit Dong- Seven dishes of iguanas

Thit Dong is quite famous in Ninh Thuan that you should try one time when coming here. Thit Dong is a type of reptiles live in hot sand dunes. The meat is fairy flavorful, sweet and strong. From Con Dong, there are seven dishes can be made of them: grilled, salad, porridge, chopped meat with rice paper, tamarind hot pot, roasted and steamed. And each dish will give visitors a different experience.

Muc mot nang Phan Rang- One-sunny-day squid

Muc mot nang mean squid are dried under the sun once, is a popular specialty of stunning Ninh Thuan Province after squid of Binh Thuan. It’s really delicious and sweet. The best way to cook squid Phan Rang is grill and eats with hot chili sauce. With perfect fire, squid will be cooked both inside and outside.

Banh Canh Goi Ca- Fish rolls soup cake

Last but not least in special dishes in Ninh Thuan that travelers should try is Banh Canh Goi Ca or fish rolls soup cake. It is special by the harmorny combination of the sweet fish bones broth, rice flour of soup cake and fresh shrimp. It’s worth trying at least one time when you visiting a peaceful province.

Grapes Ninh Thuan

Grapes in Ninh Thuan is fairly famous in Vietnam and this is place provide the best and delicious grapes for our country. It’s regrettable for visitors if they don’t come here and enjoy the remarkable moment in here.

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