The best dishes should try in Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan located in Southern Central Coast of Viet Nam and well known with attractive beaches, pristine sand dunes and mystery of Cham architectures. But it is not all about Binh Thuan what travelers knew, Binh Thuan is fairly famous with fresh and delicious seafood.

Phan Thiet haft-dried squid

Phan Thiet’s one sun dried squid is considered as the best squid that travelers should taste at least one time. It’s quite different from other ordinary dried squids by choosing carefully the fresh squid from the sea and just drying them in only one day. It’s is much sweet and tasty and normally not used with any kind of sauce but chili sauce. The combination of spicy and salty from the sea will make you memorable.

Phu Hoi’s dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit of cactus species, and quite popular not only in Binh Thuan but also in Vietnam. But Phu Hoi’s dragon fruit is the best one that should eat. It’s really delicious and nutritious

In each dragon’s fruit includes fiber, vitamin C, carotene, calcium, iron, protein, some kind of vitamin B, a number of nutrients and other antioxidants which is good for health.

Lau Tha

It’s really big missing if you don’t try to eat Lau Tha in Binh Thuan.  It made of Binh Thuan’s popular ingredients like fishes, sea shrimp, pork, green vegetable  (mango, a horizontal sliced star fruit, slim- sliced cucumber, banana flower, baked rice paper, rice) and unripe. And used with the unique local noodle soup with fish plus with some ground chili and peanuts.

Banh Xeo- Binh Thuan’s pancake

Banh Xeo is really popular with tourists if they have visited other provinces in Central part of Vietnam. But Banh Xeo in Binh Thuan is quite different by cast in a special soil skillet produced by the Cham in Binh Thuan.

The cake is made very simple, but the taste is unforgettable by the harmony mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, pork, shrimp, some other materials like onion, pepper, garlic, etc.

This is few delicious dishes in vast of street food in Binh Thuan, let’s come and discover the best not only Binh Thuan’s cuisine but also Vietnam gastronomy.

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