Things to do in Da Lat

Photo: Da Lat from above

Da Lat is city of love in Vietnam and also well-known as the small Paris which offers travelers great weather, delicious food, fun shopping and various of things to do.

Golf in Dalat

Join golf courses in Da Lat, tourist will be offered extra facilities such as bars, restaurants,  or other recreational choices, with tennis courts, swimming pools and children’s playgrounds.

  • Dalat Palace Golf Club: Dalat Palace Golf Club situated on the western side of Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat/ Opening Hours: All year round
  • Ocean Dunes Golf Club: Located in Phan Thiet City / Opening Hours: All year round

Rider Tour in Da Lat

Taking a tour by motorbike is the best way to experience the beauty of Da Lat and every corner of countryside and waterfalls. The most difference among rider tour with others is tourists can have a chance to smell the pines, see the flowers, feel the cold air brush your skin and drink in the stunning pastoral scenery. This is a great moment.

Canyoning in Da Lat

Da Lat is the great place to try canyoning.  You will navigate your way down a canyon and waterfalls by abseiling, scrambling, zip lining, jumping and swimming. It is just a little courage.

Every agency and tour operator in town can sell you a canyoning trip. The trip costs US$75 per person, including transportation, snack and drinking water

Cable Car

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Da Lat from above, why don’t you try cable car from Truc Lam Monastery complex. After 2.5 km ride, you will have chance to enjoy the attractive scenery such as pine tree-covered hills, rivers, rice plantations and the sea

Location: Located on a hillside very close to the city center and just above Tuyen Lam Lake/ Open daily from 06:00-18:00 but the cable car station closes at 17:00.

Cooking Class in Da Lat

Coming to Dalat is also a good chance for you to learn the new way to cook Vietnamese food and Da Lat particularly. This spot is home to many talented

Location: Cooking Class at Dalat Palace Hotel Tel or the Courtyard Café Cooking Class at Evason Ana Mandara Villas Dalat

Elephant and Ostriches Ride

If you want to discover Da Lat in different way, you can try to ride elephant and ostriches. It is a good way to enjoy the unspoiled nature such as small creeks, lakes and green forests.

Location: Prenn Waterfall/ Opening Hours: All year round

Horseback Riding

Besides riding elephant and ostriches, tourist can take pleasure ride around Dalat Flower Garden and the Lake of Sorrow by taking horseback riding. It is very interesting.

Location: Dalat Flower Garden and the Lake of Sorrow/ Daily opening

Paddle Boats

If your family has young kids, you can rent a huge swan paddleboat and take a spin around Dalat lakes such as the manmade lake inside Valley of Love, the Lake of Sighs

Location: The Lake of Sighs is located on Ho Xuan Huong Road/ Daily Opening

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