Things to do in Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is considered “Pearl Island” in the Gulf of Thailand. This island is fairy famous for not only stunning beaches, untouched natural environment, friendly locals, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling but also by local specialties

Phu Quoc Snorkeling

Phu Quoc Islans offers some of Vietnam's best snorkeling and discover 12 islands located due south of Phu Quoc with pristine scenery and an abundance of colorful reef fish; daytrips here often include a spot of fishing

Scuba Diving in Phu Quoc

Scuba diving is one of the great activities in Phu Quoc Island which is also good way to explore the beauty and diversity of pristine beaches.  There are some dive sites around the north of Phu Quoc but most dive trips head to the pristine reefs of both hard and soft corals that teem with colorful fish around An Thoi.

National Park in Phu Quoc Island

The best way to visit the park is to book a tour with your hotel as most of the trails are not signposted very well. It's not a good idea to visit the park when it's been raining heavily as you will get very muddy

Visiting National Park is a part of must-visiting in Phu Quoc Island, created in 2001 by the Vietnamese government which covers more than half the island and is a home of langurs, macaques, loris', otters, hornbills and fruit bats. The best time way to visit the park is to book a tour with hotel or rent motorbike and traveling yourself.

Explore the Phu Quoc Island on a Motorbike

Travelling around the island by motorbike is one of most fun things you can do, tourist can rent motorbike from most hotels in Phu Quoc Island and visit around the great attractive destinations like the fish sauce factories, Suoi Tranh waterfall.

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