Things to do in Southwest Region on Tet Holiday

The reasons why Mien Tay, Vietnam (The Southwest) is the ideal place to visit on Lunar New Year Festival. The answer is tourists can have chance to catch sight of Sa Dec flower garden, visit Lai Vung mandarin downtown. Especially, the most impressive is sitting on the sampans in the small canals. The foreign tourists who come to Vietnam at the end of the year should experience these things.

Discovering Sa Dec flower Village

On the days that are close to Tet, many people from all regions visit Tan Quy Dong flower village to observe hundreds kind of flowers being in blossom such as daisy, rose, gladiolus, orchid, white-tuberose, etc… and many other rare plants. This period, visitors are quite crowded, they come there to both take photographs and go sightseeing.

Sa Dec is about 100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. Tourists can go there by cars or motorbikes.

The flowers are planted all year but the largest crop is from 12th to 25th December according to lunar calendar

Sleeping in Homestays

This type of living is not too strange to everyone. People will have chance to stay with the indigenous people in their own house. An interesting thing when live in the homestay is tourists can witness the daily life of people there. In a short time, you can know more about their lifestyle, the way of eating, thinking. Especially, understanding more about culture, customs of people there during Tet holiday.

Visiting Lai Vung mandarin Downtown

Pink Mandarin also called Tieu Son mandarin. The other locals in Vietnam also can grow it but in Lai Vung, the mandarins are sweeter and have flavor permeability. In the fruit season, the visitors are allowed to enter the garden to sightseeing or take photos.

Lai Vung Mandarin

Travelling by Sampans

In any season, when travel to Southwest, tourists would better rent a small boat, go into the canals that is no more than 2 meter wide. This is the most fascinating experience there.

Wrapping Tet Cake

On Tet Holiday, if Chung cake is a traditional food in the North of Vietnam, in the South, Tet is instead of. Visiting Southwest on New Year's Day, tourists will have memorable emotions when see the people there prepare sticky rice, green beans, banana leaves, coconut to wrap Tet Cake, a traditional food on Lunar New Year.


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