Things to do in Vietnam Tet Holiday

Vietnam New Year is one of the most vital holidays in Vietnam and is also the longest and biggest holiday in Vietnam. This is an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions for all Vietnamese people.

Following is some common things to do during Vietnam Tet Holiday.

Watching firework

Like any countries all over the world, watching firework is one of the special occasions which announce the arriving of a New Year is a yearly event expected by any Vietnamese on the night.

Family parties

Parties with full of delicious traditional dishes are the main theme for the whole holiday of Tet in Vietnam after a long working year.  For the three first day of New Year, all members of the family will sit down, eat and drink together with the traditional dishes during Vietnam lunar year.


From the first day of the year, people start going around and greet their relatives and friends with the best wishes

Lucky money

Giving and receiving lucky money on New Year is also one of the most interesting activities in Vietnam. These actions not only give lucky for the children but also educate them the value of money and how to save money for good purpose

Visit temple and pagoda

On these first days of New Year, Vietnamese regularly visits pagodas and temple to pray for a happy new year with full of wishes and also is the opportunity for showing the respect and appreciation to Buddha and Gods who have been protecting and granting their wishes.

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