Things need to know before applying for Vietnam visa

In order to save cost and time, all visitors who want to enter Vietnam by air with VOA having to check their Vietnam visa requirements carefully before applying by the following notes.

  • Check your Vietnam visa requirements  and  Vietnam visa exemption first to make sure what you should apply for visas to Vietnam or not.
  • Know exactly how long will you stay in Vietnam? For instance, if you are Thailand citizens, you won't need Vietnam visas when entering Vietnam within 30 days. But in case, you stay longer than 30 days and use multiple entries, you will have to apply for visas or extend your visas in Vietnam.
  • Be well- note VOA is used when travelers enter Vietnam by air only. In case, you enter Vietnam by waterway or border gate, you definitely have to get your visa to Vietnam first before entering Vietnam 
  • Please check your passport validity before any your trips. As Vietnam Immigration Department, all tourists who want to entry Vietnam, their passport will have at least the 6 -month validity.
  • We would like to remind that the approval letter is the official letter which is approved by Vietnam Immigration Department allowing all foreigners to stamp visa to Vietnam at Vietnam International Airports
  • There are two kinds of fee which you have to pay: service fee for getting approval letter and  stamping fee  at Vietnam International Aỉport
  • The  photo requirement  is 4x6cm size with white background

These are some notes we want to mention for all travelers before applying for Vietnam online visa in order to avoid the unwanted and misunderstanding problems.

For more details and help, you are welcome to contact us by hotline and email:

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