Top 5 exciting shopping experiences in Hanoi

     Besides visiting famous places or trying authentic cuisine, shopping is one of the activities everyone should have on their list while traveling. Hanoi offers so many shopping options for any kind of interests. Find out more what you buy and where to shop in Hanoi.

     Shopping malls are the best options for those who want a quick escape the afternoon heat in the hot Hanoi’s summer. These modern malls offer a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options and have gained massive popularity amongst affluent locals and tourists.

Lotte Department store

     The building will always provide expectation and excitement to all visitors. The first six floors will house Lotte Department Store, where Vietnamese will be able to see and meet something special. It will be a place where new lifestyles can be enjoyed.  It will be where the latest trends and lifestyle needs can be found in one place, and it will be the one-stop shopping spot. With each floor specifically tailored from the first floor to the sixth floor. Lotte Department Store will present a new form of shopping.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

     Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is considered the largest underground commercial center in Asia. Royal City has a large entertainment area with unique categories such as the first indoor waterpark in Vietnam with four seasons; The largest indoor stadium in Vietnam; World Games; modern bowling zone …
The mall also appears attractive because of the diversity at the dining area. With an open space for over 200 booths, Royal brings a whole new culinary world, Asia’s convergence destination.

AEON Mall Long Bien

     Aeon Mall Long Bien was built by a Japanese corporation, which explains the cultural space here – the style of cherry blossom country. Most of the products and services at this center are Japanese brands – one of the world’s top quality products.
The mall has 4 large floors with the total area of 120,000 m2. This entertainment complex offers a wide range of leisure activities, which perfectly suits friends and families hang out. There is a separate food-court including many dishes and widely-known food brands such as Burger King, Kichi Kichi, Al Fresco’s, Cowboy Jack … Also, for those who want to catch the latest Hollywood movie, CGV theater – the largest cinema in Vietnam is the way to go.


Night market

     One of the most authentic shopping experiences in Hanoi is the night markets opening from 6 pm to 11 pm and running from Hang Dao street to the edge of Dong Xuan Market. Hanoi Old Quarter turns into the walking street at night with roadside stalls and local food vendor that brings huge crowds of locals and tourists. All cheap-fashion fans would not want to miss the opportunity to buy beautiful clothes that cost less than 1 million here. However, the overall environment is very lively and bargaining is a way of life here – a good start is to offer about 75 percent off the opening price.

Hang Gai Street

     Hang Gai Street is only 250 meters long but there are more than 90 families selling silk products such as silk, designer dresses, long dress, embroidered bags, wallet types and countless silk scarf… The street is filled with store signs of the traditional silk-raising families. A few famous families examples are Tan My Family – a Ha Dong native – has three successive generations of traditional embroidery; Cu Long originated from Cu Da village with traditional knitting; Phuc Thinh Family with two interchangeable letters P and T … Hang Gai is one of the oldest and busiest shopping streets in Hanoi.

Dong Xuan Market

     Dong Xuan Market is Hanoi’s largest indoor market with mostly wholesale products. Inside, the market has 3 main levels with all necessary items. Ground floor: Right from the entrance is the shopping department with clothes, sunglasses, shoes, suitcases, electronics such as telephone, rechargeable cable, rechargeable battery, super bright flashlight, speakers, radio … most of these products are from China. Second floor: wholesale and retail area for adult clothes and fabrics, brocade, silk, …. Third floor: mainly baby items …. At the back of the market, there are shops selling pet birds; to the north of the market is restaurants, food areas serving in both day and night. The market is always crowded and bustling as this is the main resource for other northern provinces.


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