Top 5 gorgeous beaches in Hue

With a tropical climate and long coastline, Hue and Vietnam general is considered as beach heaven for perfect vacations. Following is some advice for all travelers if you don't know exactly where to visit and relax.

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hue and an ecosystem of high biological value. It’s far about 70km from Hue. Coming here travellers enjoying fresh seafood: crab cake ball soup, crab vermicelli or Lang Co cockles and playing funny games: fishing, scuba diving. The best time to visit here is April to July.

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An is also in list stunning beach in Hue, far 13 km from Hue. Besides enjoying the beauty of Thuan An beach, tourist can rent tents, camp and stay overnight on the beach or make a BBQ party with fresh seafood.

Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach is not popular as Lang Co and Thuan An beach and far 30km from the southeast of Hue city, but with gentle waves, stretched white sand, pure water and low- price fresh seafood. Vinh Thanh Beach is also an ideal destination for your holiday.

 Ham Rong Beach

Ham Rong

It located in Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc and featured with clean turquoise water and small rocks standing spreadly from the shore to the sea combined with a poetic landscape of Thai Linh Mountain lying behind a 6km curling green forest embracing the beach. Ham Rong beach is considered must visit list in your trip in Hue

Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach

It's far 60 kilometers from the south of Hue city, is considered as the beach with most beautiful scenery with pure white sand, turquoise water and a long line of casuarinas trees.

This is an ideal place for you in this summer, let's take your bad and go to Vietnam to enjoy the beauty of beaches.

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