Traditional and interesting Dien Bien Phu Festivals

When mentioning to Dien Bien Phu, you can’t forget to talk about traditional festivals of ethnic minorities in this historical spots. Following is some famous festivals:  

Ban Flower Festival

The festival is a wonderful occasion for young Thai men and women to meet each other, dating and chatting the whole day round. The Thai man put the prettiest Ban flowers on the hairs of the girl he loves. Overwhelmed with love, the Thai girl blushes and hides her behind the green leaves of the springs. 

However, unlike many people’s belief Ban Flower Festival is not only an occasion for young people to show their love and happines but also a chance for Thai people to worship and show their gratitude to their ancestors.

Kin Lau No Festival

Kin Lau No means to celebrate the appearance of the bamboo sprouts. Thus, Kin Lau No Festival is basically an event to mark the beginning of the new harvest. It is organized by many different ethnic groups such as Mang, Khang, XinhMun, La Hu, Kho Mu, Phu La.

The festival takes places in the beginning of the rainy season when the first bamboo sprouts appear on the ground. Local people believe that these sprouts trigger the start of a new harvest. Thus, they organize this festival to thank the gods for taking care of the villages as well as to ask for a bountiful crop and a peaceful life.

Hạn Khuống Festival

Han Khuong Festival is a cultural and traditional event of Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien. It is usually organized after the harvest ends every November.

The festival takes place at the center of the village where young men and women set up a 1.5m stage. The stage is surrounded by fences and has only one entrance. It is the place on which men and women sing in pairs till midnight. They continue to do so next night, singing and chatting with one another.

The festival, however, has a deeper meaning; it is the chance for the bridge-to-be girls to find out more about her future husband before getting married. Thus, it is indubitably a parts of people’s youth, which leaves them with many unforgettable memories

New Rice Festival of La Hu ethnic group

La Hu people in Dien Bien usually celebrate the New Rice Festival in the 10th or the 11th month of a lunar year. The most interesting feature of this festival is that during 3 days, La Hu people will not pick up vegetables, chop down trees, or cut the grasses. They believe by doing so, the plants will be green and strong the whole year round. Instead of going to the fields, people enjoy a traditional dance called MuaXoe and beat their drums to add to the cheerful atmosphere for the village.

Village’s Ceremony of Cong ethnic group

In the 3rd month of every lunar year, all villages of the Cong ethnic group become so colorful and busy. Each family hurriedly prepares for the Village’s Ceremony, which precedes the beginning of a new harvest. The ceremony lasts for one whole day, during which all paths leading to the villages are fenced with a huge gate, deterring anyone from entering. After setting up all the gates, people go to the fields to start the worshiping procedure, wishing for a bountiful harvest without birds and insects destroying the hard works of the villagers.

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