Traditional dishes in Vietnam Lunar New Year

Vietnam New Year is one of the most vital holidays in Vietnam and is also the longest and biggest holiday in Vietnam. This is an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions for all Vietnamese people for decorating house, and buying Tet flowers, preparing traditional food.

Banh Chung- Chung cake

Chưng Cake is a unique dish on Tet holiday in Vietnam which made from glutinous rice, mung beans, pork, and other ingredients. It is wrapped in green leaves.

Giò Chả- Vietnamese sausage

Gio Cha is another traditional food for Tet which made of lean pork mixed with fish sauce, and steamed or fried for hours, it is usually served with Xoi and Chung Cake.

Boiled Chicken


As Vietnamese tradition, boiled or steamed chicken are usually prepared for worshiping the ancestors on Tet holiday. And it is considered as the most important in any special events. The boiled chicken always goes with sliced lemon leaves and salt sauce and along with sticky rice and Chưng cake.

Sticky rice

Like boiled chicken and Chưng cake, sticky rice is one of the most essential dishes on Tet holiday. There are so many kinds of sticky rice like sticky rice with peanuts, sticky rice with mung bean, and sticky rice with special “gac” fruit, etc. But the most favorite dishes used on Tet are Xoi Gac- the symbol of luck and wealth for the New Year.

Vietnamese pickled Onions

With a sour taste and low calorie appear, Vietnamese pickled onions have been can’t miss in Tet holiday. This is an ideal solution to balance the protein intakes.

Nem cuốn- Spring rolls

Spring roll is one of the most familiar dishes in Vietnamese meals, especially on the occasion of the New Year. It is made by meat, mushrooms, onions, eggs and other recipes which are all mixed together and rolled in Vietnamese rice paper.

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