Traditional Vietnam Sauces

If you have already tried Vietnamese foods, you should know that Vietnamese sauce recipes commence with an important element of Vietnamese cuisine. It is commonly used for cooking and dipping seafood and many other Vietnamese foods as well. The taste of fish sauce is salty, sophisticated but flavorful and delicate

Vietnamese sauces are important in all of its cuisines. It accompanies many, if not most, dishes, from the most elaborate meat and fish preparations to the most humble bowl of plain steamed rice.

Fish sauce is very popular in Vietnam which can by any of various mixtures based on the liquid of salted, fermented fish. And only the fresh small fish makes good-quality fish sauce, which is found in clear color and good smell

To make the pure fish sauce, fresh anchovy fish sauce is selected and mixed with salt. After 3 months in the barrel, the liquid drips from an open spigot, to be poured back into the top of the barrel. Six months under the sunlight will make the fish sauce of much better smell.

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