Vietnam Travel Insurance

During you trip to any destinations, especially strange countries, there are things that could happen on the road, or even before you hit the road, to any one, in any country or territory and at any time. Following are some of the most popular situations: cancellation your hotel or flight booking, lose baggage or get caught in the hospital for an injury, etc.

Types of travel insurance

Trip cancellation: In situation you can’t continue your trip and have to cancel it; trip cancellation insurance will be your best friend. It plays an important role in helping you with pre-paid travel expense costs, re-organizing travel plans, and recovering lost, damaged & stolen luggage

Flight Insurance: The flight insurance will cover flight accident and flight cancellation coverage for when you travel.

Baggage Insurance: During your trip, you detect that your entire luggage was lost. But with baggage insurance, you will provided reimbursement if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged during your travels.

Travel Health insurance: includes coverage for hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation during your trip to protect not only your live but also your money.

Besides the most important insurances, tourists are provided many services like credit card coverage, extreme sports insurance, etc.

In the event, you don’t want to buy individual insurance, travelers can buy the whole package, and following is some coverage plans:

Vacation plan: this is the most popular travel insurance. It includes trip cancellation, medical emergencies, loss or delays of luggage, and some over coverage depending on the insurance providers.

Specialty plan: this includes evacuation plans, accident plans, which cover the emergency evacuation and often-sold on annual basis. The insurance will cover transport and any emergency medical costs associated with the occurrence while you are abroad.

Travel medical plan: Travel medical insurance will focus on your health only so do not expect them to cover your baggage loss or trip cancellation. The coverage under this plan will include your medical expenses while abroad and emergency evacuations.

During your trip, you get food poisoning, traffic accident or other health problems. Travel medical plan is the good choice. With this plan, it will cover travel medical assistance services to help you in an emergency, coverage for medical emergencies and evacuations, etc.

When to get your travel insurance?

It is best to get your travel insurance as you start your booking process flight tickets, hotel or cruise to protect yourself and money.


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