Travel tips in Hanoi


Hanoi is the second largest city of Vietnam and this is the most needed destination for all travelers in Vietnam. However to make your trip smoothly, please read and note the following tips when you and your family visit not only Hanoi but also any cities you will visit.


Travelling in Hanoi is much safer than others cities as Thailand. But you have to note the below things that you have to mention:

  • Pickpockets and thieves are an important issue not only Vietnam but also others countries. When travelling in every city of Vietnam not at Hanoi, you have to keep an eye on your personal stuffs especially in public.
  • Distinct prices are as clear before making a purchase anything
  • Check meters when taking taxi.
  • Clarify what's included in the price when buying Hanoi daily tour
  • Bar areas at night are quite safe compared to other parts of Hanoi.


Hanoi is Vietnam's capital, one of the largest city in Vienam, so you don't have to worry about draw or change money:

  • ATMs- are easy to find throughout Hanoi. You can draw or change money easily at banks, exchange kiosks, and hotels
  • Distinction two Vietnam notes: VND 20,000 and VND 500,000 are quite same


When travelling to another country, you always have to take care for your health. It's really important during your trip, following is some tips that you have to mention when travelling around Hanoi:

  • Put on sunscreen
  • Taking a prophylaxis and use mosquito repellent prevent dengue fever and malaria
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • At present, besides local hospital Hanoi also provide international clinics in Hanoi like International SOS Clinic, Family Medical Practice Hanoi, Hanoi French Hospital, etc.

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Source: Fodor's Travel

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