Traveling around Hanoi by bycicle

Traveling around Hanoi by bicycle is a brand new experience which will bring you closer to the capital. Not busy, not crowded, a bicycle is really an interesting experience for tourists when visiting Vietnam.

You will have the chance to contemplate sunrise at West Lake, sunset on Long Bien Bridge or enjoy a cup of lemon tea. All of those will make you feel that Hanoi is strange but also very lovely.

Beautiful streets in Hanoi 

Riding bike between the ancient trees rows on Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu, Hoang Dieu, Thanh Nien St…can you feel the romance and gorgeousness of Hanoi.

Not only fresh air, you can also contemplate the ancient villas since France war and famous constructions like Cua Bac Church, Thang Long Citadel, Tran Quoc Pagoda…

Riding bike around the old quarters

Riding bike around the old quarters of Hanoi, you will be astonished by the daily life of the local people. Instead of busy life and crowded streets that you see, the daily life of the people here is taken place like a slow film which is very realistic and lively.

Traveling around the old quarters by bike, you can enjoy a lot of delicious street food like To Tich mixed fruits, a cake made of glutinous rice mixed with everlasting gnaphalium leaves at Dong Xuan night market, Ta Hien beer, pork’s stomach at Hang Ga, boiled snail at Dinh Tien Hoang…

Enjoying sunrise and sunset on Long Bien bridge

Riding a bike on this over a one-hundred-year-old steel bridge, sometimes you will be surprised because of the train. It is really an interesting experience when visiting Hanoi. Ride slowly and you will enjoy the silent moment in the fresh, ancient and peaceful atmosphere.

In the late afternoon, stop for a while to enjoy the taste of baked sweet potatoes, corns and a cup of hot tea in the cold days. You will feel there is nothing warmer than this. 

... and West Lake

Traveling around West Lake by bike in early morning, afternoon or late night you will explore a lot of interesting things about the daily life of the local people.

West Lake is a perfect choice for a romantic night for the couples. On some beautiful day, try to ride a bike around West Lake and your youth, it is surviving somehow. You can stop for a while on Xuan Dieu, To Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai St… or try snail, coffee, iced tea by the lake bank and enjoy the cool wind from the lake.


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