Tuyen Quang Travel Guide

Tuyen Quang is a province of Vietnam, located in the northeastern part of the country to the northwest of Hanoi, at the centre of Lô River valley, a tributary of the Red River. This is the home of many ethnic minorities, especially Tay, Dao and Nung ethnic groups. Tuyen Quang is not only the starting point but also the place for gathering and exchanging cultural features of ethnic minorities in the North of Vietnam through festivals, legends and folksongs, etc, to attract tourists.

The best time to visit Tuyen Quang

Influenced by the  tropical climate, the summer is very hot. There are two seasons: dry and rainy. Annual average temperature is 24ºC.

The landscapes in Tuyen Quang often put on a new beauty in every season so you can arrange a time to come here at any time as long it is compatible with, depending on the type of travel service you choose. For example if you want to explore Thac Mo, ecotourism destinations Na Hang, do not come in the rainy season (difficulty moving, turbid water). And if simply Resort in My Lam mineral springs, visit the Tan Trao historical monuments, you can arrive at any moment.

How to get Tuyen Quang

The province is on National Highway No.2: Hanoi - Viet Tri - Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang. Tuyen Quang Town is far about 165km from Hanoi.

There are two ways to get there:

By Bus: Tourist can buy tickets at My Dinh Bus Station directly or book online with famous brand name like Sơn Hưng, Hưng Thịnh, Bảo Yến

By Motorbike: Tuyen Quang is far about 165 km from Hanoi, so using motorbike isn’t also the bad choice for those who want to discover the breathtaking beauty in Tuyen Quang.

Things to do and top attractions

Tuyen Quang has a total of 467 places of interests including such nation-wide important sites as Tan Trao, Kim Binh, Kim Quan, and Lang Ngoi - Da Ban and amazing sightseeing.

Mo Waterfall: is located amid the Na Hang Natural Reserve (Na Hang District), is a wonderful eco-tourism destination of Tuyen Quang Province, visiting here tourist will have a chance the imposing landscape with the caves, which have beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

My Lam Mineral Stream: a famous stream in Yen Son district of Tuyen Quang province. It is 13km to the south-east of Tuyen Quang central town with many mineral water, beautiful natural scenery is a compelling choice for travelers to rest, relax.

Tan Trao Historical Relic: situated in Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province, 41km far from center of Tuyen Quang Town forwarding to the north-west, about 200km from Hanoi. Tan Trao is a historical relic of Vietnam’s revolutionary period of the August Revolution. Currently, it was the Prime Minister of Vietnam bringing into the ranking list 23 special national relics. The main monuments in Tan Trao include Tan Trao family, Tan Trao banyan tree, shack Na Lua and Hang Bong.

Local specialty in Tuyen Quang

Banh Cuon Tuyen Quang- Cake roll: Tuyen Quang to have cake rolls were very separate. Rolls are made from local pork, pigs and make delicious meat, chopped meat after mixed with wood ear mushrooms and upland areas, continue to be held small membership, rolls are fried before eating together with rolls

Black missiles: has really become unique dishes foot binding tourists to this mountainous district

Cake thorn Chiem Hoa: Cakes made from hemp ramie leaf, sticky rice, green beans, fresh coconut, pumpkin jam, lotus seeds, banana oil, lard. To make a  delicious cake, have selected glutinous rice yellow flowers, clean details and soaked in cold water overnight, then drain and grind into powder.

Cam gourmet Ham Yen: Oranges have been grown for a long time in the land of Ham Yen and has become a famous brand in the district. There are orange Ham Yen component organic acids, acid high biological activity, minerals and aromatic oils good for human health.

Performance and festivals in Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang is home to traditional culture of the ethnic group with various arts of folk song such as Then singing, “coi” singing, “quan lang” singing ( Tay ethnic people), “pao dung” (Dao ethnic people), “sinh ca”, etc.

Also, some traditional festivals with cultural values feature such as Long tong festival ( Tay ethnic people); “ Cau mua” festival; “ Cap sac” ( Dao ethnic people) and “Nhay lua” festival (Pa Then ethnic people)…

Especially, the Long tong festival, which means “crop praying” festival, is an important event to begin a new year. The festival takes place in the first lunar month to pray for the new crop. The beauty of villages hidden in the foothills, covered in mists, and the joyous Long tong festival will leave a deep impression on the visitors.  

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