Underwater stone arch in Ly Son island district

Archaeologists and divers have recently discovered an underwater stone arch in Ly Son district in the central province of Quang Ngai, adding it to the list of must-visit places in the island district.    

The arch is believed to have been formed by four volcanoes 250 million years ago. It belongs to An Vinh islet and is approximately 1.5km from the shore. Travel agencies have begun deploying scuba diving tours to the stone arch, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the stunning underwater beauty.

Visitors will be equipped with with the necessary scuba gear, as well as a wetsuit and diving mask. but those are pregnant or have hypertension or diabetes should not join the tour. 

According to divers, thể 100m underwater arch is about eight times longer thân thể onshore one, which is also located on Ly Son island. The arch surface is covered with abundant colourful marine creatures, enchanting visitors to the scene. The arch’s highest point is 5m from the water surface, and 13m at the lowest point. The deeper visitors dive, the clearer they can see the marine creatures.

It is estimated that hundreds of tourists have already had the pleasure of discovering the arch through the diving tour, launched two months ago.

If you visit Ly Son island one day, do not miss the chance to see the underwater world and the stone arch.

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