Upcoming public holidays in Vietnam in 2016

If you are going to visit Vietnam during January and February, 2016, you have to spend your time read the following information which is the most updating public holiday: New Year Day ( Jan 1st, 2016) and Vietnam Traditional New Year ( Feb 8th, 2016)

New Year day

New Year's Day is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and falls exactly one week after the Christmas Day of the previous year.

Like many countries all over the world, New Year's Day is also a public holiday in Vietnam. In that day, all labors will have some day off after a long and hard year. In 2016, all office will be off from Jan 1st, 2016 to the end of Jan 3rd Jan, 2016.

Tet Eva

Besides celebrate New Year Day, but Tet Eva is the most important festival and public holiday in Vietnam.

Tet Nguyen Dan is considered the biggest and most popular festival of the year in Vietnam which falls on the first night of the new moon in the first month of the Lunar Calendar and takes place between the last week of January and the third week of February and be granted for seven days. The specific days taken will depend on how the dates fall over a weekend, and extra days may be declared holidays to bridge to weekends

In 2016, Tet is on February 8th (actual holiday from Feb 6-14)

This is the longest and biggest holiday in Vietnam.


  • Prepare and reserve all trains, flight tickets and hotels before going to Vietnam to avoid unavailable.
  • Be aware of crowded people when travelling during this period of time.
  • Price of any services will increase dramatically because of high season.
  • If you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam during Tet holiday, make sure you join these festive and happy moments of Vietnamese. This is really the best experience about Vietnam culture.

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