Vietnam 6 month multiple entry visa

Vietnam visa 6 months multiple entries is a type of visa on arrival that people who have it are able to stay in Vietnam 6 continuous months with unlimited entry and exit times.

It is pretty hard to apply for 6 month multiple entry visas for the first time travelers since August 24th, 2009. Because it requires a lot of complex procedure and shows the investment certificate proving your sound reason of your stay.

Normally to stay longer in Vietnam from 3 months to 6 months, all foreigners have to renew or extend their current visa at Vietnam Immigration Department. However like other kinds of visa, you can apply for online Vietnam visa with 6- month multiple visas and stamp visa to Vietnam at Vietnam International Airport.

Please be aware that 6 months and 1 -year business visa is not applicable for citizens of India, Haiti, China, Egypt, South Africa, Africa, Middle East and Turkey.

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