Vietnam Visa Services at Vietnam airport

You are tired after a long flight from your country to Vietnam; you don’t want to wait 30 minutes or many an hour for entering Vietnam process.  Don’t worry, let’s us help you solve this puzzling problem.

Vietnam visa services

At present, there are two popular services that many travel agencies provide for travelers:

Vietnam Fast Track Arrival: Service for help travelers finish all entry immigration forms with Vietnam visa stamped without queuing at Immigration line, locate your baggage at the separate area in front of Customs and take you come out of the terminal

Vietnam Fast Track Departure: help visitors check-in, fast track through immigration, and take travelers to a lounge and/or the departure gate

How does it cost

The cost of each service depends on what kind services you choose, different from travel agencies.

How does fast track work

Working process of travel agency is quite same each other with three simple steps:

  • Apply the fast track service and make a payment via email
  • Get picked up
  • Complete the immigration process

For further information about fast track service and Vietnam visa on arrival, you are welcome to contact us via support email:

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