Vietnam Border Gates

Vietnam- S- shaped country has mainland borders with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. This is a good chance for all travellers who want to discover three amazing Indochina country

Lao cai border gate- Vietnam

Vietnam border gates

  • Vietnam- China: three border crossings, namely Mong Cai (Vietnam)- Dong Hung (China), Dong Dang( Vietnam)- Ping Xian- (China), and Lao Cai(Vietnam)- Hekou( China). All border crossings are in the northeast of Vietnam
  • Vietnam- Laos: are majority in North and Central region of Vietnam include Tay Trang( Vietnam)- Sop Hun ( Laos), Nam Xoi( Vietnam)- Na Maew( Laos), Nam Khan( Vietnam)-Nam Can(Laos), Cau Treo( Vietnam)-Nam Phao( Laos), Lao Bao( Vietnam)-Dansavanh( Laos), and Ngoc Hoi( Vietnam)- Bo Y( Laos).
  • Vietnam- Cambodia: Vietnam and Cambodia share 6 international border crossings (generally open to all foreign travelers as long as they possess a valid passport or visa) 

Transportation- How to travel from to Lao, Cambodia or China?


Vietnam- Laos

Vietnam- Cambodia

Vietnam- China


+  Bus route from  Dien Bien Phu City or Dong Ha)

+ Bus (route between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh)

+  Bus ( route from Hanoi- Nam Ninh)

+ Vietnam Train


+ Price: from USD 12 to USD 22/pax/way


 + From USD13 – USD 25 for seat buses and USD 20-35 for sleeper buses

+ Price: range from USD 25-USD 40/pax/way



+ 3A Nguyen Gia Thieu, 35B Nguyen Huy Tuong and Nuoc Ngam Bus Station (Giai Phong Street)

 + Mekong Express, Sapaco Tourist, Mai Linh Express

+ Contact: Hoang Long bus or Kim Liên Travel

+ Gia Lam train station


  • The price will depend on type of bus, type of seat, and low or high season.
  • If you want to book train ticket from Hanoi to Nam Ninh, Please click

Visa and passport

  • Passport: Make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity and left pages.
  • Visa:

Vietnam- Laos

Vietnam - Cambodia

Vietnam- China

-          Vietnamese travellers: visa is not required to cross Laos’s border

-          International tourists: can obtain visa on arrival at Immigration checkpoint on the border with requirements of a legal passport, one visa-size photo (3x4) and USD 20 for visa stamp

-          Vietnamese travellers: visa is not required to cross Laos’s border (present passports to cross the gate

-          International tourists: be obtained at these checkpoints on arrival, or get a visa online - permitted to use at these checkpoints

-         All travellers are required to getting a visa at the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam before leaving.

-          Please check address here for: Chinese Embassy Address

Further reading: vietnam visa guide 

For more assistance about visa on arrival Vietnam, you are welcome to contact by sending an email to

Have a nice trip!

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