General information about Vietnam bus

City bus

Bus is the cheapest and the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam. Usually, Vietnam bus price is same for all both locals and foreign and start going early in the morning from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

City bus

City bus is quite popular in Vietnam and this is the cheapest way to travel around cities in Vietnam. Tourists also have to remind that the quality of city bus in Vietnam is not the same as developed countries like England, Singapore or Japan, but it's reasonable.

  • The public bus services are served in almost of city  for both local and foreigners with VND 7000/pax/way in some big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
  • In local provinces also provide bus service owned by private company and price is a little bit higher around VND 10,000/ pax/way.
  • Passengers can catch a bus at bus stops scattering around the province and buy a ticket directly from the conductors.
  • The service is not very high (you may have to stand in case the bus is too crowded, and the conductor cannot speak English).

Intercity bus

  • Travellers can buy tickets at any terminals or go to ticket booths of travel agencies. Tourists also can buy in advance via phone or Internet, but it’s not popular in Vietnam
  • Price: depending on distances, route, and types of seat
  • Some reputable brand names: Hoang Long, Viet Thanh, Sinh café, Hanh Café and Mai Linh


Below is some tips for those who want to and are going to travel by bus in Vietnam in order to avoid unwanted problems.

  • Avoid waving bus along the way for your own safety reasons
  • Ask the price before getting on a bus. Ticket price is normal the same to everyone.
  • Language barrier: remind to prepare a piece of paper and a pen to write down your destination or questions before getting on a bus.
  • Take care your luggage and wallet, especially if using a public and local bus.

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