Vietnam decree for owing house in Vietnam for foreigners

From July 1st 2015, all foreigners have over 3 month visa allowed to own any property for a maximum of 50 years and enjoy the same rights to lease transfer or sell the property as Vietnamese citizens

This policy will attract more foreign investment without jeopardizing national security.

  • Foreign property owners will also be subject to the nation's property taxes
  • Foreigners who have a valid visa; foreign investment funds, banks; Vietnamese branches and representative offices of overseas companies are eligible to buy house in Vietnam
  • Foreigners can already buy property to house, but they are not able to lease or use it toward any other purpose.
  • Foreign property can be put out to lease but must also inform the provincial house management agency before leasing the property.
  • Foreigners can extend their home ownership after 50 years, according to their need
  • Foreigners can buy a maximum of 30 percent of apartments in a block and 250 houses in a given ward.
  • They are allowed to buy, receive, or inherit apartments and houses in commercial projects and not in areas that limit or ban foreigners
  • Foreign entities who have invested in housing projects in Vietnam which will all be entitled to purchase real estate under the law
  • The properties owned by foreigners can be sub-leased, traded, inherited and collateralized.

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