Vietnam free visa for Myanmar passport holders

Like others countries in South East Asia, Myanmar citizens are also one of the Vietnam exemption country lists with 14 days free Vietnam visa without visa application.

As the Vietnam Immigration regulation, all Myanmar passport holders will have a right to enter Vietnam without visa Vietnam during 14 days and single entry, but if you want to stay in Vietnam longer and multiple entries, Myanmar citizens still have to apply for Vietnam visa as normal by two easy ways: directly in Vietnam Embassies and Vietnam visa on arrival online

If you enter Vietnam by visa exemption, please take some well-notes as below:

  • Prepare your passport and return flight tickets if you use Vietnam visa exemption
  • You can only come back Vietnam after exiting Vietnam about 30 days
  • You still apply for visa to Vietnam as normal if you want to stay longer than 14 days or multiple entries
  • The price for extending Vietnam visa is quite expensive rather than applying for Vietnam visa and stamping visa at Vietnam airport

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