Vietnam Immigration Department's working days in New Year 2016

As a Vietnam labor regulation, all organizations will be out of work 3 days and the Vietnam Immigration Department will not be exceptional. They will have days off from Friday (1st Jan, 2016) to Sunday (3st Jan, 2016). And they will start working as normal from Monday ( 4th Jan, 2016)

However, Vietnam Immigration Counter in all Vietnam International Airports will work as normal, so you don’t have to worry anything in case you enter Vietnam in 1st Jan, 2016, 2nd Jan, 2016 and 3st Jan, 2016.

Why don’t you apply for your approval letter right now, if you are going to Vietnam in these days

However, we have to notice some needed information as below when you want to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

  • Check your visa requirement  before you apply for a visa to Vietnam. Because citizens of some countries will be exempted Vietnam visa in a period of time (15 days or 30 days) and some of the countries will have to go directly Vietnam Immigration in their country to apply for visa Vietnam. You can check Vietnam visa exemption list in here  .
  • When you apply for VOA, you have to double check all your information such as Name, date of birth, and passport number. You have to make sure that you write down all your correct information. In case, you wrote something wrong, you have to inform us as soon as possible to fix this problem.
  • As normal, after 2 working days, you will receive the approval letter and the application form for entering and exiting Vietnam via email
  • After receiving this approval letter, you also make sure that you check all your information which wrote correctly. Don’t wait until you come to Vietnam and just realize that having something wrong in your approval letter.

For further information relate to Vietnam visa application, please don’t be shy to contact us via supported email: or hotline. It is our pleasure to answer all your questions.

Have a nice trip and Happy New Year!

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