Vietnam Taxi

Besides bus and motorbike, taxi is also the popular mean of transportation in Vietnam with affordable fares.

Types of taxi in Vietnam

There are two kinds of Vietnam taxi which is official and Unofficial Taxi

  • Official taxi: taxi refers to taxi corporations with high quality and affordable price.
  • Unofficial taxis which belongs to individual drivers with the high price.

Taxi fares in Vietnam

  • In Hanoi: is about VND 9.000- VND 11.000 / Km
  • In Ho Chi Minh: about VND 12.000- VND 14.500/ Km

How to book taxi in Vietnam

There are two ways to book taxi in Vietnam: Direct and online

  • Direct: it means you will have to stand in the roadside, wave your hand and wait for your taxi stop or make a phone call directly to office
  • Online booking: at present tourists can use Grabtaxi or Uber service in Vietnam if you use smartphone and stall Grabtaxi and Uber.

Some reputable taxi brands

  • Mai Linh Taxi: one of the most popular taxi brands in all over Vietnam with cab, cover of two main colors: white and green. Gia Dinh Taxi (Tel:, Mai Linh Limousine (Tel: or Saigon Taxi (Tel:
  • Vinasun: a big taxi corporation in Ho Chi Minh City, recognized by the typical cover with the main white color, in addition with one red strip and green strip below
  • Hanoi Taxi (Tel: One of the pioneers in taxi services from 1993. The cab of Hanoi taxi is painted with purely white color
  • Others: Savico, Saigon tourist, and Hoang Long

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