Vietnam the loose leaf visa

If you have no idea about what is the loose leaf visa, how to apply it and how it does work, please read the following information:

The loose leaf visa is a travel visa that is issued on paper which is not stamped directly inside the traveler’s passport. This visa is also an official document that issued by the Vietnam Consulate and presented at your port of entry in Vietnam

Almost tourists and business travelers are welcome to apply for the Vietnamese loose leaf visa. Travelers holding official passports can also get a loose leaf visa for official or diplomatic purposes

Document requirements

  • Scan a copy of your passport
  • One passport sized photo (4x6cm)
  • Your arrival date and departure date

Application process

  • Fill out the visa form
  • Confirm and settle the payment online
  • Get your Vietnam Visa at home/office

Processing time and service fees

  • Normal processing time 3-4 days
  • The service fees and stamping fee depend on each travel agencies and types of visa, so please contact directly to agencies for more details.

If you have any confusing information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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