Vietnam tourist train- luxurious and professional train services

Don’t like modern train system in Europe, Japan or Singapore, Vietnam Reunification Train is not really good, with normal service but reasonable price for all travellers.

Beside Reunification Train System, many private companies provide tourist train like Livitrans, Chapa train, etc with best service for travellers. And tourist train always starts same time as Reunification Train.

Vietnam tourist train

Tourist trains usually provide comfort facilities of the wood-paneling cabins, clean and safe, baggage storage, flower, mineral water and napkin free. In VIP 2 berth cabin, it’s set up more items as snack, coffee, and ice tea and so on.

But we have to inform that at present tourist train just provide route from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa with many private companies and route from Hanoi to Hue and vice versa of Livitrans train.

Following is tourist train list and timetable of train:

Tourist train

Departure- Arrival time

 King Express Train

Hara Express Train

 Tulico Express Train

 Sapaly Express Train

 Chapa Express Train

Hoa Phuong Train

 Victoria Train Express Train

·         HN-LC (22:00pm-6:10am)

·         LC-HN(21:05-5:09am)


 Orient Express Train

Fansipan Express Train

Livitrans Express Train

·         HN-LC(21:40pm-5h30am)

·         LC-HN(20:15-4h15am)


Livitrans Express Train

·         HN- Hue(19:30pm-8h48am)

·         Hue-HN(15:31pm-4:50am)


Chapa train: offer free of charge breakfast at Peter Chef Restaurant at Lao Cai

Victoria train: just provide for tourists who already booked room at Victoria Hotel and Resort

Further information:

From Hanoi to Sapa and vice versa is about 370 kilometers and last about 7.5 hours. After getting off at Laocai station, you can take bus or taxi to Sapa, last 1 hour (40 kilometers) from Laocai station to Sapa.

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