Vietnam train types

Vietnam Railways Corporation is the national railroad carrier with several of trains and classes, but the main types of trains are SE and TN train.

Main types of Vietnam train

  • SE1 to SE6 train are the faster train than others like TN or LC trains which are equipped with air-conditioned restaurant cars and soft sleeping berths with western toilet facilities. They have 3 classes: air-con soft sleeper, air-con hard sleeper and air-con soft seat.
  • TN3 to TN10 train have 6 classes: air-con soft sleepers/ soft seats/ hard sleepers, and hard sleepers, soft seats and hard seats.
  • TN1 to TN2 train are older, slow with only hard sleepers and hard seats.
  • LC1 to LC4 train and SP1 to SP4 train are supplied for the route Hanoi-Lao Cai with soft seats and soft berth.

Train’s facilities

  • There are two kinds of sleeper cabin: 4 and 6 bunks and a small ladder will be used to access the upper bunks and all beds are prepared with clean blanket and pillow.
  • There are two toilets located in carriages. One has a squat toilet and the other has only a mirror and basin.
  • With luxury trains, each cabin will be prepared bottle water, some snacks and flowers.


  • The 5-star and SE trains are all air-conditioned while the others are variable not. If you want open windows for photography, air-con trains are not suitable for you.
  • You are recommended to sit in the middle of the train in order to avoid the smell of toilets.
  • TN trains are a little bit slower than SE train because they make more stops.
  • Tourists also have to remind that Vietnam train is not high quality like other the developed countries like Japan and Singapore.

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