Vietnam Transit Management Regulation

As decision No 1279/ 2002/QD-BCA by the Minister of Public Security about the regulation on management foreigners who transit into Vietnam announced

  • Foreigners who transit into Vietnam contain those who enter into transit area at the international Vietnam bounder gate for waiting to exit to other countries.
  • This regulation only controls transiting’s foreigner cases into Vietnam at the international bounder gate of an airport or seaport to travel in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners who want to enter Vietnam to travel must be sponsored by Vietnam travel agents and must complete proposal dossiers to be accepted by the immigration.
  • The tourism certificate is not more than 5 days validity. People who are named in tourism certificate are allowed to stay in Vietnam in validity day and must leave in permitted time.
  • Foreigners who transit into Vietnam must obey with Vietnam law on a temporary stay.
  • For foreigners who transit into Vietnam border date to travel must agree with Vietnam travel agents about programs in advance.

For those who transit into Vietnam at Vietnam International Bounder Gates have to prepare the following documents:

  • Transit application form which issued by Vietnam Immigration Management
  • Your original passports
  • Your visa
  • Your airport or boat tickets to enter other countries.

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