Vietnam Railway Tips and Information

Vietnam train

We‘d like to share some experience if you intend travelling by Vietnam Railway, we hoping that with a little note will make your trip memorable.

Train ticket in Vietnam

To buy train tickets, you can go directly to train station or buy tickets through Vietnam travel agency. And buying tickets before your trip via travel agency is recommended.

But when booking railway online in Vietnam, you have to concern about how long you will spend, types of cabin (soft or hard seat/ berth, air condition or non-air condition) and choose reliable travel agency.

At train station

To make sure you will get on a train on time, you should be on a train before your departure date at least 20 minutes. And your tickets are already on hand. In case, you lost paper tickets you have to buy new paper tickets if tickets are available.

On train

  • Food: You can buy you food or drink before getting on a train, if not you can buy food or drinks at a canteen of train. The price of food and drinks on train is quite reasonable. But your trip is long, you are recommended to bring fruits, drinks and tissue.
  • Luggage: you should put personal stuffs in small bag, so it’s easy to use when you need. Others arranged in storage in cabin.
  • Clothes: you should choose comfortable clothes to easy sleep and also prepare soft blanket or scarf in case weather changing.
  • Hygienic: Each coach has a toilet. If you don’t want to use water on train, you should bring a bottle of water and toilet paper

Out train station

After getting off the train having a lot of taxis and Xe Om outside Vietnam train station, so don’t worry about transportation.

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