Vietnam visa in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos

In case, when you visit one of three neighbor Vietnam countries (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos) and you are going travel and discover Vietnam. However, you don’t know any contact information of Vietnam Embassy and how much you will spend to get Vietnam Visa before visiting Vietnam? Following is some answer for your questions.

Address of Vietnam Embassies in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

If you don’t know where Vietnam Embassy is, the following information is currently addressed of Vietnam Embassy in three South East Asia.

Vietnam Visa Fee

  • Laos:   Price for Single Entry Visa: Payable in U.S. dollars

                      USD $65.00 for next-day service

                      USD $70.00 for same day (apply in morning, pick up in PM)

  • Cambodia:

                     USD $60: 1- month single-entry visa

                     USD $95: 1-month multiple-entry visa

                     USD $105: 3-month single-entry visa

                     USD $135: 3-month multiple-entry visa

  • Thailand:

                    USD $ 65:  1 -month single-entry visa


Visa fee is not fixed, it will change depending some outside factors. If you want to know exactly how much is it? Please contact with vietnam embassy in your living country to know more details.

However, in some situation, you don’t have much time and want to save cost, and definitely travel to Vietnam by air. You can choose visa on arrival application and stamp your Vietnam visa at Vietnam International Airport . It totally depends on your plan

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