Vietnamese cuisine characteristic

Vietnam is known by not only fabulous natural scenery, beautiful beaches and grandiose mountain but also unique delicious and extremely healthy local food. Vietnam cuisine is an art of balancing between what so-called “Five basic elements of Eastern philosophy” in order to provide the most nutritious and delicious meals. If you are food lovers, don’t forget to come and discover Vietnam food culture.

Vietnamese cuisine characteristic

  • Northern cuisine is less flavorful than other parts of Vietnam. It tends to use less meat, fish and vegetables; and black pepper to create spice. The taste is strict and less sweet, but more salty than in other regions.
  • Central cuisine is numerous of fresh produce and distinct in its extreme spices and color of food
  • Southern Vietnam heavily affected by Cambodia, Thai and Chinese cuisines. Southerners prefer sweet tastes and spicy tastes

Vietnamese cuisine ingredient

Vietnam cuisine is well-known as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world with mainly ingredient is rice, noodles, fresh vegetable and herbs

Other common ingredients in Vietnamese cooking include black pepper (mainly in the north), hot chili, coconut milk, limes, lemon grass, tamarind and cane sugar, supplemented by asparagus and potatoes, courtesy of the French influence. Methods of cooking vary from simmering or boiling to frying or grilling

Cooking style

There is variety of ways, from deep fry, stir fry, boil to steam. However, Vietnamese use a minimal amount of oil while cooking to preserve the freshness and natural taste of food as much as possible. So Vietnam food is quite nutritious and healthy

Eating Style

Like many countries in Asian, Vietnamese tend to eat “family style” means sharing dishes. Each gets a small bowl with rice, then shares with everyone else the bowls of food set in the middle of table.

A simple Vietnamese meal will include rice, a meat or seafood dish, a vegetable dish, soup and fish sauce, etc.

Drinking Style

The most common drink of Vietnamese is green tea in order to offer guests and visitor as courtesy way. Besides green tea, local beer or rice wine are also the most common drink that used nearly all in any occasions

Source: Vietnam Guide. Com

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