Vietnamese custom regulation

Custom regulation

In order to help you avoid some problems when exit or entry to Vietnam, you should pay attention to basic information about essential documentation and things you are granted and not bring into or out of Vietnam. Please check carefully before buy or bring any things:

Vietnamese custom regulation




-          Valid passport and entry visa or visa approval letter to Vietnam

Products and goods

-          Cigarettes: 400

-          Cigars: 100

-          Tobacco: 100 gram

-          Liquor: 1.5 liters

-          Perfume and jewelry for personal use

-          Souvenirs and gift items valued at not more than US$ 300

Materials under declaration

-          Foreign currency: in excess of US$ 5,000

-          Vietnam Dong: in excess of VND15.000.000

-          Gold: in excess of 300gr

-          Gold and jewelry not for personal use

-          Video tapes, CDs: CDs and tapes are often kept for screening and returned to you after a few days

Banned materials

-          Weapon, ammunition, explosives and inflammable objects

-          Military technical equipment; drugs, opium and other narcotics

-          Anti-government literature; pornographic literature, etc.

-          Antiques, some types of precious stones, wild animals, rare and precious plants listed in Vietnam’s red-book could not be exported

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