Vinh Long Travel Guide

Vinh Long located well inside in Vietnam's beautiful Mekong Delta and is a classic Mekong Delta country. It is far around 136km from southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. Vinh Long is a lovely place to stay in for a few days, however, it is a working town rather than a tourist destination so Vinh Long does not get many visitors - in fact, you might be lucky (or unlucky) to spot a tourist.

The best time to visit

Like other provinces in Mekong Delta have two distinct seasons: The dry season lasts from December to April, the rainy season last from May to November and trips to Mekong Delta are suitable all year round, especially from Dec to April.

Transportation in Vinh Long

Vinh Long is 70km from Mytho, 34km from Can Tho and 136km from Ho Chi Minh City. National Highway No.1A and No.53 also runs through the province.

The best way to get to Vinh Long or go around is by bus. The inter-province bus station is 5km from the centre of Vinh Long. There are buses between Vinh Long and Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Mytho, Long Xuyen, Sa Dec, Rach Gia, and other Mekong Delta destinations. 

Getting around Vinh Long itself is probably best achieved by foot or by hiring a bicycle - there are not exactly a lot of taxis etc. around - remember this is basically a Vietnamese working town and not a tourist spot.

Things to do and top deep attractions

  • Visit pagodas, communal houses such as Van Thanh Temple, Long Thanh Communal House, Tinh Xa Ngoc Vien, Phuoc Hau, Tien Chau, Saghamangala pagodas, etc.
  • Visitors can visit tropical fruit gardens and take a boat along canals to islands. Popular places are Mr.Sau Giao’s Flower Garden, Mr.Muoi Day’s Stilt-House, and Mr.Hai Hoang’s Old House.

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