Visa exemption procedure for Vietnamese residents overseas

On August 17th, 2007 Vietnam government promulgated no 135/2007/QĐ-TTG about Visa exemption for Vietnamese residents overseas to facilitate all Vietnamese currently living oversea having a chance to come back their homeland.

To get Vietnam visa exemption, you have to prepare the following documents:

Visa exemption

  • Application form of Vietnam Visa Exemption ( Form N19). You can download   Here
  • Two photos 4x6 size.
  • Passport or residence permit issued by foreign countries have at least 6 months validity.
  • Any documents can prove that you are Vietnamese as Vietnam nationality certificate, Birth certificate, Identification or Registration, etc.

In case you don’t have any documents or certificates to prove that you are Vietnamese. You have to follow other documents like:

  • Guarantee Letter of the association from Vietnam resident overseas ( Form)
  • Guarantee Letter of Vietnam citizens ( Form)
  • Etc…

In case, you are holding foreign passports and you are spouses or children of Vietnam residents overseas. If you want to have Vietnam visa exemption, you have one of following certificates:

  • Certificate of marriage
  • Certificate of paternity
  • Household Registries

And in a situation you lost certificate of visa exemption or your expired visa exemption and you want to renew visa exemption:

  • You just need a new declaration to Vietnam immigration office where you applied for visa exemption in the first time.
  • But in a situation, you renew your visa exemption in another Vietnam immigration office- not original one where you applied for previous visa exemption, you have to prepare all documents and apply for new one.

Time: If you have enough certificates, after 7 days you will receive visa exemption.

But if you don't have time to apply for Vietnam visa exemption, you can apply for visa Vietnam as normal at Vietnam Embassy where you are living or  Vietnam visa on arrival.

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