Vietnam visa for children

Visa for children

If you are confusing about children visa and passport, and you don’t know what should or shouldn’t apply for Vietnam visa for your children.

 According to the Vietnam Immigration Department's rules, the children will need a visa to Vietnam, regardless of their age and applying for a children's visa is about the same as applying for an adult's one.

However, please note two main points when applying visa:

  • Children under one- year- old: not required photo
  • Children under 14 years old: They don’t have  to fill a separate application form; they can apply your personal information (full name, date of birth, 2 passport- sized photos) with their parent’s application.

If your children have their own passport, they are surely required to pay stamping fee to get their own Vietnam visa. However, if they are on the same passport with their parents, they don't have to pay any fee for a visa.

Applying Vietnam visa for children can be applied online or in person at the Vietnamese Embassy with the same process as an adult.

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