Vietnam single and multiple entry visas

Stamping fee

The single entry visa can be used only for one trip which means once the traveler has left the approval country; a new visa will be needed to enter again in the future. This type of visas are known as visa with single use, so if you have applied for one- month single entry visa you are only allowed to enter and leave Vietnam once, during the visitor’s stay in Vietnam for one- month.

The multiple entry visas allow tourists to enter and leave the approval country multiple times. Visitors can visit these countries like Thailand or Cambodia, etc., and return back to Vietnam without having any problems.

The service fee and stamping fee of single and multiple entry visas are different; normally the multiple entry visas will be higher than single entry visa in both service fee and stamping fees. Following is the detail fees:

Service fees:

  • 1- month single entry: $15/ Per person
  • 1 -month multiple entry visas : $19/ Per person
  • 3- month single entry: $30/ Per person
  • 3 -month multiple entry visas: $50/ Per person

Stamp fee

  • 25 USD for single entry 1 month/3 month
  • 50 USD for 1 month (30 days) and 3 months multiple entries.
  • 95 USD for 3 to 6 months multiples entries

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