Visa procedures to enter Vietnam

Before you schedule your trip to any foreign countries, you all need to prepare your travel documents and Vietnam is also not exception with passport and visa. The following is some instructions that you can use for getting a  visa to Vietnam 

  • You can apply online for  visa on arrival and stamp visa to Vietnam directly at Vietnam International Airports
  • Or, you can apply for visa to Vietnam directly at the  Vietnam Embassy or Consulate  in your area by yourself
  • There is no need for under 14 children that they don’t need to have a separate application form. They only need to provide two passport-sized photos, full name, and date of births with their parents application forms
  • Photos of under one year old children are not required.

Vietnam Customs formalities

  • Filling in declaration forms and show their luggage to Customs officials on request and the entry and customs form when entering Vietnam.
  • All luggage, personal possessions and goods brought to Vietnam in amounts sufficient for personal use only, and not listed among noncommercial goods not to be imported, are exempt from tax.
  • All travelers’ luggage must be shown at Customs when leaving and declared at Customs office on arrival.
  • Visitors can bring unlimited amounts of foreign currency, some objects made of gold, silver, precious metal which must be declared on their customs forms.
  • Visitors are allowed to bring in a duty-free allowance of 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 150 g of tobacco; 1.5l of liquor and aren’t allowed to bring weapons munitions, explosives and inflammables, firecracker of all kinds, opium and drugs, toxic chemicals
  • When visitors leave Vietnam, they are permitted to bring about 300g of gold and not allowed to bring out weapons, munitions, explosives, drugs, antiques, live wild animals, rare plants, and documents relating to the national security

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