What should you know before travelling to Vietnam?

If you are going to Vietnam, if you don’t have any idea about what Vietnam is. There is general list what you should know before your trip.


  1. VISA: If you wish to visit Vietnam for holiday, you have to know you need visa or not. If your answer is yes, you need valid visa for travelling to Vietnam. You can go to Vietnam Embassies / Consulates to get your visa. The fee depends on your staying time. Or you can apply for Visa on Arrival online. It’s up to you.
  1. WARNINGS: You must take care with taxi scams and street vendor, you can be cheated when using or buying something from them. But don’t worry almost Vietnamese are honesty and friendly in somehow.
  2. CURRENCY: Vietnam Dong (VND) is current Vietnam currency, you can search currency convert in Vietnam Bank to know exactly. Please well note that             20,000 VND and 500,000 VND are quite similar, but these denominations are very difference.
  3. BANKING: You can go to banks in Vietnam from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning except Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Vietnam public holidays.
  4. TRANPORTATION: In Vietnam, you have a lot of choice of transportation like: foot, bus, cyclo, Motorbike and Train.
  5. EMBASSIES/ CONSULATES  : If you don’t know any information or address of Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Immigration Department, you can check requirement here.     

Source: Almost Landing

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