Xe Oms in Vietnam

Xe oms or motorbike taxis or motorbike Hug- cheaper and more interesting way for tourists to get around every corner of the city. It’s really fun to get around town and feel real city life

Xe om

Most drivers are honest and reasonably safe; they are live maps in Vietnam because they do know almost every single corner of the city where they live.

Pros of Vietnam Xe Om

  • The price is cheap, haft taxi price
  • Convenience and flexibility, especially in rush hour in big city catching Xe Om will be the best way to save time.
  • Having a chance to get great real experience about Vietnam daily life.

Cons of Vietnam Motorbike taxi

  • Scams: if you don’t bargain price before getting on a motorbike, you maybe charge high price than normal.
  • Weather condition: In case it’s rain, storm or others, you can’t catch Xe Om for many reasons about traffic and safety.

Tips when traveling by Xe Om

  • Negotiate price to your destination BEFORE getting on the motorbike
  • Language barrier: Most Xe Oms can’t speak English so the best way to you should write your destination and price down in Vietnamese.
  • All Xe oms have an extra helmet, but if you’re in town for a while, you are recommended using your own if possible

Have a nice day!

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