Vietnam Visa requirements for Citizens of United States


As an Citizens of United States, you are kindly advised to have Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam. Also, it is worth noting that your nationality has been supported by Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA), which is applied only for those traveling by air.

There are two options as below to apply for Visa to enter Vietnam:

  1. Apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival on website.

    This is the quickest and cheapest way to get Vietnam Visa before your trip. Within 1-2 working days depending on your service choice (Normal or Urgent), the VISA letter of Approval will be sent directly by email without any requirement related to original passport.

    Apply online for VISA APPROVAL LETTER in 4 steps:

    • Access website:
    • Fill in the application form with the correct details of your name, passport number, arrival date... and submit.
    • Confirm and make payment submission.
    • Receive and print out Approval Letter.
    • Get your Visa Stamp upon arrival at one of the Vietnam’s Airport (Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh)

    Documents before entering Vietnam: Visa approval letter, passport, 2 passport- sized photos, Vietnamese visa application form (sent via email), and stamping fee.



  2. Apply for Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassies in United States

    Besides online Vietnam Visa Application, you are still able to get Vietnam Visa by yourself in United States. Contact the embassy of Vietnam in your country to obtain the Visa before you arrive Vietnam.

    In case there is no Vietnam Representative Office in your country, please kindly check other countries to find the nearest Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate to contact for getting Vietnam Visa. This procedure takes 5-10 working days, which is required your original passport and VISA application.

    Contact Vietnam Embassy in United States at:

    Vietnam Embassy in United States functions as a channel of communication between the Vietnamese Government and its counterpart in United States. It is also the place where United States citizens and residents can visit to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

    Following is the information of the Embassies of Vietnam in United States which consists of their address, phone number, fax number and email address.

    For Vietnam Immigration Department contact

    Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, United States

    Address: 1233, 20th St., NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036, USA

    Phone: (1-202) 861 073

    Fax: 1-202) 861 0917

    Your Email:

    Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, United States

    Address: 1700 California St, Suite 430 San Francisco, CA 94109

    Phone: (1415) 922 1577

    Fax: : (1415) 922 1848

    Your Email:

    Citizens or residents in United States can choose one of 02 options below to apply for a visa to Vietnam:
    • Directly contact the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a visa; OR
    • Apply online to get visa on arrival (visa picked up at the arrival airport in Vietnam with the legal approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department).



    If you are citizen of other countries but currently living in United States, please check to make sure if you are required a valid visa for your travel to Vietnam and how to apply for a visa from your place.

    Check your visa requirements


Your passport must have at least 6 month’s validity and blank pages left.

Please be kindly noted that Visa on arrival is applicable only for those travel to Vietnam by air.

If you plan to arrive by land, you need to obtain a visa beforehand, Visa on arrival will not work on land entry.

If you travel on cruise ship, you can contact the cruise operator for visa procedures.