Citizens in ANDORRA must apply for a visa prior to their travel in order to enter Vietnam. Fortunately, it is much easier these days for ANDORRA citizens to apply for visa to Vietnam as there are two different ways available to go about this matter:

In order to get visa to Vietnam, you may choose one of the two options above. Please keep in mind that these two options are quite different in terms of application procedure and applicable applicants.

Travelers should note that while visa on arrival is more convenient and less time-consuming, it is applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by air only. So, if you plan to travel to Vietnam by land or sea, you should apply for a visa at the nearest Vietnam embassy.


What & Why Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA)

Nowadays, international tourists in general and Andorra tourists in particular are offered an alternative way to get a visa to Vietnam, thanks to Vietnam’s open policy to welcome all travelers with any immigration reason, from going on business to visiting friends/relatives. It means that foreigners can apply for Vietnam Visa online, called Visa on arrival (VOA)

Andorra tourists using Visa on arrival service are offered much easier and simpler procedure to get visa for traveling to Vietnam. Accordingly, applicants firstly need to fill out the Online Application Form; secondly make payment for visa on arrival service, thirdly wait for 1-2 working days to receive Visa approval letter and finally get the visa stamped at your arrival airport in Vietnam (including three international airports of Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat and Da Nang).

How does Visa on Arrival work?

If you are planning to arrive in Vietnam by AIR at Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, or Da Nang airport, a legitimate alternative to obtaining a full visa stamp from the Vietnamese Embassy in your own or another country is to opt for a very simple and cheaper, visa on arrival (VOA). Once issued, this visa is exactly the same as a visa issued by any Vietnamese embassy/consulate, with the same limitations and conditions attached to its use.

1) Submit application

Fill out the secured online application form. You are required to enter the exact personal information of the applicant(s) that matches the information on your passport(s).

2) Confirm and Pay

Double check your information to make sure it appears properly & pay for the service fee. Payment can be made using Credit/ Debit Card via OnePay/PayPal or cash via Western Union.

3) Get Approval Letter

After 2 working days, we will send you an approval letter by email. Then you just need to print the PDF attachment file ( colour preferred, but not required) and prepare at least 2 passport photos (4cm x 6cm).

4) Get Visa Stamped

Present your passport, visa approval letter, photo, the Vietnamese visa application form along with stamping fee to Immigration officers to get your visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

NOTE: Before applying for Vietnam visa, you must:

  • Make sure your passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages
  • Know Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable to those traveling to Vietnam by air ONLY.

For any further information relating to visa for Vietnam, please kindly contact us. We are always willing to assist you at our best!



How much is a Vietnam Visa on arrival in total?

TypeCost/Person (USD)

  • 1-5 pax This is the tooltip content which will be displayed
  • 6+ pax This is the tooltip content which will be displayed
  • Urgent (1 Day) This is the tooltip content which will be displayed
  • Emergency (4-8 Hours) This is the tooltip content which will be displayed
  • STAMPING FEE This is the tooltip content which will be displayed

1 Month Single

$15(2 working days)

  • 15 USD
  • 12 USD
  • plus 10 USD
  • Call Hotline
  • 45 USD

1 Month Multiple

$19(2 working days)

  • 19 USD
  • 16 USD
  • plus 10 USD
  • Call Hotline
  • 65 USD

3 Months Single

$25(2 working days)

  • 24 USD
  • 20 USD
  • plus 10 USD
  • Call Hotline
  • 45 USD

NOTE: When using Vietnam visa on arrival, one needs to pay two kinds of fee:

  • Service fee: paid to the travel agency for processing your visa approval letter; and
  • Stamping fee: paid in cash directly to the Immigration Officer at arrival airports to get visa stamped onto passport.
  • The stamping fee for each type of Vietnam visa is the same no matter you are using normal, urgent or super urgent service.


Service fee is the fee being paid to Vietnam Visa Application for doing all the paperwork for you in order to submit your visa application to the Vietnam Immigration Department for visa approval letter process, including the works, as follows:

  • Collect and carefully check your visa information via our website;
  • Contact you for double checking your visa information;
  • Process your visa information into a visa application;
  • Submit your application on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration Department;
  • Notify you of the visa approval letter processing schedule via email;
  • Follow other procedures pursuant to the regulations of Immigration Department to get Visa approval letter granted by Immigration Department;
  • Send the visa approval letter via email to you after 1-2 working day(s).

Please be noted that the Service fee needs to be paid fullly in advance to process the visa approval letter in 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) or 04 working hours (super urgent service).


Stamping fee is the fee applied for those using visa on arrival method and compulsory to be paid directly to Immigration Officers in cash (at Immigration Desk/Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat or Da Nang international airports) to have visa stamped onto your passport. The fee is collected by Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method.

  • 1 month single entry visa: USD 45.00/1 applicant
  • 1 month multiple entry visa: USD 65.00/1 applicant
  • 3 months single entry visa: USD 45.00/1 applicant
  • 3 months multiple entry visa: USD 95.00/1 applicant

Kindly remember the stamping fee is fixed by the Vietnam Ministry of Finance and will not change whether you use normal, urgent or super urgent service.

The Stamping fee can be paid in USD or VND, etc. To avoid any unexpected unbalanced exchange rates applied at the airport, USD is highly recommended.

Embassy of Vietnam in the Andorra?